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Cayman Islands Zoning and Building Codes

The Cayman Islands have sophisticated and rigorous planning and zoning bylaws and requirements, which give clients who purchase Cayman Islands property the peace of mind that your Cayman luxury home will be built to the high standards you are accustomed to in North America and Europe.

All buildings need to be inspected and approved at critical stages of construction by the Cayman Islands Building Control Department. Building costs are about 25% more than the United States, as most of the building and construction materials are imported from the United States. All buildings constructed in the Cayman Islands are built to meet Miami-Dade and North Carolina Hurricane Codes

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Cayman Islands Architects

Once you find the perfect parcel of land, the next step is selecting the designer who will help you move your dream into a reality. Choosing an architect is a personal thing much like selecting a real estate agent. You will be working with this professional on a daily basis, and it is imperative you have a great relationship with that person. We want to help you find someone you will not only want to work with during the project, but will also build a healthy relationship with for plans.

Finding a good architect will help you find a good builder, contractor, and other service providers who will help you finish your home on time and within you’re agreed upon budget. Before you begin your search for an architect, ask some specific questions. Does this person have a good reputation on the island? Ask around to find out what their track record is, and ask to speak to references and look at their previous jobs. Make sure you communicate clearly what your wishes are for the project, as well as your timeline, budget, and must-haves. Ask your architect to recommend a reputable builder. Often, the architect will know who shows good ethical building practices and reputations. There are many qualified architects on Grand Cayman Island, but here are a few to begin your search:

BDCL Architects
Donal McGrath. RIBA
Mirco Center, 2nd floor
PO Box 10237 George Town
Grand Cayman KY1-1205
Tel: 345.947.8654, email:

Robert Towell Architect Ltd
Robert Towell, RIBA
PO Box 31100 George Town
Grand Cayman KY1-1205
Tel: 345.916.8377, email:

Ironshore Contractors
Kyle Klischuk
10 Market Street #436 Camana Bay
Grand Cayman KY1-9006
Tel: 345.547.5447 email: