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20 Fun Facts about Cayman: 

1) The easy-to-remember country code is 345

2) There is over 115 nationals living in harmony and that is why we are nicknamed “Caymankind” 

3) There are no nude beaches in Cayman and the legal drinking age is 18 and open containers on the beach are permitted, enjoy yourself but please do not drink and drive. 

4) The Island currency is fixed to the US$ and the paper currency depicts both Queen Elizabeth II and the Coat of Arms, which is a pineapple, turtle and shield.

5) Cayman's National Tree is the beautiful Silver Thatch Palm

6) The National Flower is the beautiful Banana Orchid.cayman orchid national flower

7) Cayman Islands national motto is “He Hath Founded It upon the Seas.”

8) Cayman Brac was named after the island's limestone bluff; the word “Brac” means “craggy bluff” in Gaelic.

9) The Bluff on Cayman Brac is the highest point in the islands at 140 feet.cayman brac airport

10) All liquor stores are open until 10pm except Sundays, there are a few places that sell liquor on a Sunday like the Wine Store at Camana Bay.

11) Treasure is said to have been left behind by Edward Blackbeard, Henry Morgan and Neal Walker during Cayman's pirate occupation in the 18th century. 

12) Seven Mile Beach, the most famous beach in the Cayman Islands, it is actually 5.5 miles long. seven mile beach cayman lady walking


13) Cayman first historical event was when Christopher Columbus first discovered the islands in 1503, he called them “Las Tortugas” because of all the sea turtles

.turtle hatchings cayman

14) Sir Francis Drake, who in 1585 reported seeing "great serpents call Caimans, like large lizards, which are edible".  There was an ample supply of turtles that made it a popular place for ships to stop off when they needed meat for their crew. 

15) The first demographic election was held on December 10, 1831. In 1832, there were 933 people living in the Cayman Islands, now there is over 55,000.

16) One of Cayman's most popular tourist attractions, which showcases black limestone formations, is named Hell located in West Bay, Grand Cayman and of course you must experience Stingray City it is like nothing you have ever seen in your life. 

17) Another new tourist attractions that is relatively new is Cayman Crystal Caves, they are natural caves that have been found recently and have been excavated a must see.

18) Our nearest island neighbor is Cuba, which is situated approximately 227 miles north of Grand Cayman. 

cuba cars cayman



19) Grand Cayman is located along the edge of the deepest part of the Caribbean Sea, called the Cayman Trench that reaches over 4 miles down.

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